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CIT's Pricing is Crystal Clear

Taxwise Software
Republic Refund Transfer Fee
Federal & State Individual 1040
Federal & State Business (1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 706, 709, 990)
Individual 1040 & Business Efile (Current year and Prior Years)
Integrated Easy Interview
Taxwise Mobile (Co-Branded Mobile App.)
Unlimited E-Signature
Technology Fee
Premium 1-on-1 On-Boarding with Data Conversion
Amendment Returns Federal & Business
Extension Returns Federal & Business
You get all this for only $15 per accepted return. Thats it!

Pricing Questions? 

How much do I pay for CIT, and when?
After joining CIT, you don’t pay a dime until you start submitting returns, and, from there, it’s always (and only!) $15 per accepted return, all tax season long. There are never upfront or out-of-pocket costs!
How much do I pay for CIT software each year?
Nada, zip, zilch! Your TaxWise software is absolutely free—and that’s for desktop or online, with unlimited users. Plus, you’ll get unlimited, year-round access to TaxWise’s premium support.
How much do I pay for Republic Bank banking products?
Just like the TaxWise software, you get unlimited access to Republic Bank banking products for no additional cost, including their awesome customer support. It’s all covered by CIT’s $15/return pricing!
How can I use this model to increase my profit?
CIT's pricing model was designed to put pricing power back into your hands. With other tax vendors, you are forced to charge your clients additional junk fees (technology fees, transmission fees, bank fees, service bureau fees, etc.) that can average $75-$150+ per return! Where does that money go? Certainly not back into your pockets. By eliminating these unnecessary fees, you finally gain control over your business again and start making more each return! Try our Calculator today and find out how much more you can earn!
Do I pay $15 per Federal return and $15 per state?
$15 per return is all you pay; you can attach and efile as many states as you wish at no additional cost.
What is a price example?
Let's say you have a client "Joe". Joe wants you to file his federal and state return and apply for a republic bank refund transfer with electronic signature. Let's say his refund is $2,000 and you want to charge $300. Joe will receive $1,700 and you will receive $285 ($300 - $15 CIT Fee). It's that simple! No extra fees to explain.
Are there any hidden fees?
Is there a minimum return requirement to join CIT?
Yes, you must file a minimum of 75 accepted returns to qualify for our program.
Is Community Income Tax too good to be true?
Of course not! Over the past 9 tax seasons, CIT has served thousands of tax advisors, helping them earn more while charging their customers less—and growing their businesses. Best of all, we’ve stayed committed to customer service and support without raising our fees once!
I have a few more questions. How can I get in touch?
We’d love to help! Drop an email to enroll@joincit.com or call 904.900.3099. Or, if a demo of CIT software and banking products would be helpful, you can schedule a demo here.
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